Fog early then the sun will (likely?) make its presence known! AND we are open today with apples!

Out on Pickerel Lake yesterday.

Out on Pickerel Lake yesterday.

Today is starting out with fog, but will likely clear up around noon time when the sun will start to come through and warm things up quickly, getting up close to 60F! Looks to be one of those beautiful March days! By the way, another BIG warm-up looks to arrive for Holy Week!

The market will be open with a nice selection of apples starting at only $3.00. Varieties include Idared, Northern Spy, Fuji, Granny Smith, Crispin/Mutsu, Red Delicious, Splendor, and more. We will be on self-serve so please bring correct change or checkbook.

Today also happens to be the last day of Pike season until it reopens on the last Saturday in April. Hopefully my son Matt will be taking advantage of the good weather and get in some fishing today!,4570,7-153-10364_53405-214036–,00.html

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