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We are a family owned and operated roadside farm market that started selling the produce we grow on our 65+ acre farm in 1984.  We are a bit different than many of the larger roadside farm markets since all the edible produce we sell we grow ourselves on our farm.  This not only results in produce that is as fresh as possible but it allows us to keep an eye on the origin of the produce we sell so it is in keeping with the Michigan Department of Agriculture’s health recommendations.  For instance, one of the problems with irrigating crops is water quality.  We only irrigate our crops with well water from a depth of 98 feet and has been tested and approved for drinking water.

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What We Grow and Sell

We grow a staggering variety of fruit and vegetables.  The chart below shows some of the produce that we grow and their seasons. You can find more detailed information on what we grow by clicking HERE or on the chart.



Click HERE or on the chart for more details on what we grow.