We are opening our doors today! Peaches are doing great, thanks to a very mild winter!

Sunset over Kimball Lake taken March 8. The ice is almost all gone now!

Sunset over Kimball Lake taken March 8. The ice is almost all gone now!

This has been a very mild winter with temps not getting below zero. The peaches and fruit are doing fine. We did have a scare this past week when warm, summer-like weather was forecast,  something like what happened in 2012 when we lost all our fruit crops. Happily, despite continued mild weather no summer-like weather looks to arrive in earnest before the Boys of Summer (Professional Baseball Players) arrive in early April.

Pickerel Lake is now almost free of ice and will, no doubt, be completely ice-free by Sunday. Matt is anxious to get the boat in and go after pike before the season closes on March 16 (giving the pike a chance to spawn) and won’t re-open until the last Saturday in April. However, there is so much work to do now, plus the chances of rain on Sunday and Monday, might put a damper on his plans. We shall see! Hopefully we will have some pictures to share of his big catch! :)

We are opening today with a nice selection of apples, stored in common storage over the winter. The apples are excellent quality and crisp and some have become even better tasting in storage like the Granny Smith and Fuji. Some of the varieties we have today are: Idared, Blushing Golden, Mutsu/Crispin, Northern Spy, Splendor, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, and Jonagold. We have them by the 1/2 peck, peck, and half bushel. We also have our stiff-neck garlic for sale.

We will be open from 10AM to 5:00PM and we will be on self-serve for most of the day so please bring correct change or your checkbook.


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