Monday, August 17, 2015: What’s happening at Magicland Farms today

Today looks to be sunny and hot.  Starting tonight and continuing into Wednesday, we have a fair chance of some much needed rain.  This time of the year rain usually comes in the form of TStorms which carry a double edged sword–produce much needed rain but sometimes also produce some unneeded problems.  Happily, most of the time the problems aren’t serious while the rain produces very positive results.  Earlier in the summer the cold waters of Lake Michigan retard storm development which not only reduces the severity of storms but also the amount of rain we receive.  Right now, in mid-August, Lake Michigan surface waters are mostly in the 70s which means there is little if any retardation of TStorms as they cross over the lake.

Muskmelon are just starting to ripen!

Muskmelon are just starting to ripen!

This week is the week, I think, we will find many deliciously ripe muskmelons out in the field.  Since it takes time to pick them (there are so many things to pick, especially on Mondays when we often start the week with practically nothing left over from the weekend since we don’t pick on Sundays) we probably won’t have a good supply of muskmelons until late afternoon today.


As usual, our picking priority in the morning is sweet corn and beans, although we do hope to pick small quantities of other produce as well, especially our peaches. This is also the week we are starting new patches of beans and cucumbers.  Since we plant nearly 40 patches of sweet corn WE SEEM TO BE ALWAYS GOING INTO A NEW PATCH OF CORN!


Excerpts from our weekly e-newsletter:

One of my great grandfathers bought property on Pickerel Lake and my mother wound up inheriting part of the property he purchased.  My maternal grandfather constructed a cottage on the lake in the 1920s and he just loved to come up in the summer with his family.  Among other things he loved to fish and he…READ MORE While my grandfather lived in Chicago he had several friends who lived on Pickerel Lake.  These friends told him that Pickerel Lake had not only Northern Pike but Walleyed Pike (Walleye) as well.  Since he never caught one he doubted them.  To find out if his friends were pulling his leg, he did something…READ MORE

What we are picking today: Bi-color Mirai, all-white Mirai, and bi-color Essence and Bon Appetit sweet corn Green and Yellow Beans Melba, Viking, and Jersey Mac summer apples. Red Haven peach and Raritan Rose white-fleshed peach by the 1/4 peck. Red Haven peaches by the 1/2 bushel: LIMITED QUANTITY!! Muskmelon Golden Shiro plums Zucchini and yellow summer squash Slicing cucumbers and pickles: Limited supply! Spaghetti Squash Red Norland potatoes (red skin with white flesh), RedGold potatoes (red skin with yellow flesh), and Yukon Gold potatoes (yellow skin with gold flesh). Sweet and mild Newaygo Newaygo yellow onions by the pound, 1/4 peck, and 1/2 peck and red onions by the pound. Fresh stiff-neck garlic Broccoli Freshly pulled sweet carrots Cut sunflowers Large Slicing red Tomatoes. (For those of you looking for canning tomatoes please stay up to date on the latest by frequenting our blog.) “Little Red” tomatoes by the quart SunSugar cherry tomatoes as well as pink, red, and black cherry tomatoes by the pint Green tomatoes by the pound Green Bell Peppers Jalapeno Peppers Peach and apple trees (SALE: they are currently $20 a pot) Other edible potted plants include: Blueberries, Fall and June bearing red raspberries, seeded and seedless grapes, rhubarb, and herbs. Flowering shrubs and perennial and annual flowers

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