Friday, December 18, 2015: We will be closed today because of the weather.

While there isn’ t any snow in our parking lot yet, the temperature is around 30F (below freezing) and is not likely to rise much today.  Since we are an open air market, this means if we open up some of our produce we sell might be damaged because of the sub-freezing temperatures.  Since next week appears quite mild, we will again be open at 10AM on Monday.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our very valued customers.


Check out Bernadette’s website where she shares many tips and techniques on gourd crafting, including how-to videos!

Handcrafted Christmas Gifts:

Find unique home decor, watercolor paintings, and knitted items by Rebekah online at or on Etsy:

Gourd art and ornaments by Bernadette can be found in downtown Fremont at the Arts Place as well as on Etsy:

Both Rebekah and Bernadette do custom orders! Contact them through their Etsy shop or email them.


Check out the ArtsPlace in downtown Fremont today! Hours today are 9AM to 5:30PM. Directions HERE.

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