Friday, December 11, 2015: Record Setting December Weather May Be in the Offing This Weekend!Yukon Gold potatoes, super-flavorful garlic, all kinds of apples, and potato salad recipe!!

Yesterday it got to 60F in Traverse City (as well as Magicland Farms) along with partly sunny skies. The forecast for GR is a high of 60F for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which, if it occurs, will set a couple of temperature records.  As I write this the sun is shining in my eyes but I don’t want to pull the drapes because while it is annoying it is also pleasant and its warmth cuts down on the heating bills (we still aren’t burning much wood, we are waiting until it gets colder before we keep our wood stoves going 24/7).

As I mentioned before, you are invited to stop down at the stand and get free samples of Red Delicious, Jonagold and Mutsu/Crispin apples.

potatoes2Sand-grown, hand-dug Yukon Gold potatoes

Dried gourds for crafting and birdhouses!

Dried gourds for crafting and birdhouses!

What we will be having today:

Lots of different APPLES! Honeycrisp, Fuji, Jonagold, Northern Spy, Idared, Granny Smith, Roman Beauty, Blushing Golden, Splendor, Calville Blanc, Surprise, Red Gold, Northwest Greening, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Crispin/Mutsu, Empire, Hawaii, Kandil Sinap, and King David.

REMEMBER you can mix and match any apples for only $4 a 2-qt box or $10 a 1/2 bushel!

AND OUR HONEYCRISP are so delicious right now! (We have one every day, they are so good!) Honeycrisp are $5 a 2-qt box, larger quantities while supplies last.

WE ALSO HAVE WINTER SQUASH: Buttercup (sweet and rich and can be substituted for pumpkin puree for your pumpkin pies!), Heart of Gold (a sweet dumpling hybrid), and Celebration (an acorn hybrid that is much sweeter than your normal green acorn). KEEP IN MIND that winter squash only get sweeter the longer they sit around. Their starches continue to turn to sugar and is one of the reasons why some squash can be stored well into the winter months. They are only 50 cents each/ 5 for $2 right now or if you are looking for larger quantities they are $7 a half bushel.

Popcorn: By Christmas our popcorn on the ear should be ready to pop! See this link HERE for an interesting article on Michigan popcorn.

FRESHLY DUG POTATOES: Red Norland potatoes (red skin with white flesh): We have them in quarts, quarter pecks, 1/2 pecks, and 1/2 bushels. The 1/2 bushels are only $10 each or $18 a bushel. Kennecbec (white skin, white flesh) are $6 a peck backet. Yukon Gold (yellow skin, gold flesh) are $6 a 1/2 peck. (See bottom of this post for potato salad recipe!)

Fresh stiff-neck garlic

Dried Gourds for crafting and birdhouses

Handcrafted Christmas Gifts:

Find unique home decor, watercolor paintings, and knitted items by Rebekah online at or on Etsy:

Gourd art and ornaments by Bernadette can be found in downtown Fremont at the Arts Place as well as on Etsy:

Both Rebekah and Bernadette do custom orders! Contact them through their Etsy shop or email them.


New-Building-e1410372731625Check out the ArtsPlace in downtown Fremont today! Hours today are 9AM to 5:30PM. Directions HERE.

Click here for a blog post for potato salad recipe!

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