Today We are in the Heart of that short January Thaw I Mentioned in My Last Post

It’s 7:13AM on January 12 and its 50F outside.  Tomorrow (Sunday) it is forecast to be in the 20s all day as the thaw quickly comes to a halt.  But then what.  In many years we would be talking about below to much below normal temperatures for at least a week, normally longer.  Well, it looks like we will have normal to a tad warmer than normal temps for at least a week starting on Monday.  Well, is something up?  Right now it’s indeterminate.  We should have a better idea in a few days…

Thursday we started pruning our apple trees.  We don’t touch the peaches before late March since pruning seems to make peach trees more susceptible to low temperatures.  We have purchased most of our seeds for the year but we still need growing mix (potting soil) so we can start planting our onions fairly soon and then our peppers–peppers germinate and grow slowly so they need to be started early.

The following link is to my article in Make Magazine on the construction of a light stand we built that helps with our starting plants. This is the second light stand we built and if we can find more room for it, we will likely make another one soon.  BTW, while I wrote the article, took most of the photos and did the drawings, my son Matthew designed it and did most of the construction.  These light stands have been a great help for us.


BTW, if you are a do-it-yourselfer and into making just about anything, from a wood box to an advanced robot, I recommend that you subscribe to Make Magazine.  Make magazine only comes out 4 times a year and has a durable binding which makes it perfect for putting on a bookshelf and use as a reference.  I have written several articles for Make and you can be assured they really do a great job in editing–they actually check out just about everything.  This is unusual for magazines today.  Make is a great magazine!  No doubt about it!



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