Wednesday, November 4, 2015: Injun Summer #2 continues to roll on! Will GR today set another record warm day?

When I first mentioned back before Halloween that we would have a second Injun summer this year I never could have guessed it was to be a record stretch of not only warmth but sunny skies and gentle breezes!  Yesterday GR tied a record high and today they are forecasting a record high–this along with sunny skies and light winds makes for a spectacularly beautiful day!  Somehow, describing a day in November here in West Michigan as a spectacularly beautiful day seems like an oxymoron!

Yesterday we not only finished planting our garlic but got a good portion of our winter rye in which we use as a winter cover crop and then green manure when we plow it down in the spring before we plant.  We found it especially good for heavy clay soils since it helps their structure as it decays.


What we will be having today:

APPLES! Honeycrisp, Fuji, Jonagold, Northern Spy, Idared, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Roman Beauty, Blushing Golden, Splendor, Calville Blanc, Jonalicious, Surprise, Red Gold, Northwest Greening, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Crispin/Mutsu, Snow, Cortland, Empire, Jonathan, Macoun, Hawaii, Kandil Sinap, Tolman Sweet, Ashmead’s Kernel, King David, Court Pendu Plat, and Senator.

SPECIAL: Many apples are sold in larger quantities starting at $8 a 1/2 bushel.

SPECIAL: Honeycrisp are also sold in larger quantities starting at $10 a peck.

SPECIAL: Apple Variety Packs (with at least three different varieties) for $12.99 a peck. (We wrote a PDF booklet about all the fall and winter apples we grow. Check it out HERE.)

SunSugar cherry tomatoes by the pint

Jalapeno Peppers

Winter Squash: Acorn, butternut, buttercup, Heart of Gold, and Celebration.

SPECIAL: Select varieties are $7 a 1/2 bushel or $12 a bushel

Popcorn on the ear

Red Norland potatoes (red skin with white flesh)

SPECIAL: Red potatoes are $10 a 1/2 bushel or $18 a bushel (field run)

Yukon Gold potatoes (yellow skin with gold flesh).

Sweet and mild Riverside yellow sweet onions by the pound

Fresh stiff-neck garlic

Find original gourd art and hand-carved birdhouses in our Arts and Craft Room.

Apple trees. SALE: they are currently $20 a pot

Other edible potted plants include: Blueberries, Fall and June bearing red raspberries, seeded and seedless grapes, rhubarb. SALE: All are now $8 each and rhubarb are $5 each.

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