Wednesday, June 3, 2015: Another beautiful day…

Beautiful day out on the lake!

Beautiful day out on the lake!

Our absolutely gorgeous weather continues!  Bright sunny days, which seem to last even longer than the 15 and a half hours from sun-up to sundown (if you add twilight, the days are now 18 hours long and still lengthening!), warm air, low humidity and light winds all add up to exceptionally pleasant weather for most outdoor activities!  Today, we hope to finish putting plastic on our new third-of-a-block-long high tunnel.  Tomorrow we hope to show some photos of it.

Sunset today is 9:19PM       Sunrise tomorrow is 6:05AM


Purchase two or more fruit trees and get a blueberry bush or raspberry plant (your choice) FREE!

Rhubarb are half price this week! That is only $6 a plant.

We have the following fruit and vegetable plants and trees for sale today:

Apple trees: Honeycrisp, Jonafree, Jonagold, Liberty, Gala, LindaMac, etc.

Peach trees: Early Red Haven

Tree protectors and deer repellent soap for your fruit trees also available.

Blueberries: Bluecrop, Jersey, Elliot, and Aurora

Red Raspberries: Latham (June-bearing) and Heritage (Fall-bearing)

Seedless Grapes: Red Reliance

Rhubarb: Victoria SALE!

Everbearing strawberries: Fresca (white flowers), Frisan (pink flowers!)

Slicing and red cherry tomato plants


Sweet bell and Jalapeno pepper plants

Purple eggplant plants

Yellow and red sweet onion transplants

Potted Herbs: Thyme, Oregano, Parsley, Marjoram, Sage, Peppermint, Summer Savory, Lavender, Rosemary, etc.

Winter Squash: Acorn and Butternut

Zucchini and yellow summer squash





Pawpaw trees (AKA Michigan Banana)

We also have lots of ornamental trees and shrubs and perennial and annual flower plants including

Bottle gourds

Ostrich ferns: They are large and beautiful right now and would bring some instant texture and color to your landscaping.

Redbud trees

White pine trees

Lilac bushes

Beauty bushes: They are about to bloom!

Hydrangea 2 yr. old seedlings of Pinky Winky

Hollyhocks: O’Hara (a deep red, fully double Hollyhock), Chater’s Double Mix, and Queeny Mix



Foxglove: Excelsior

Coral Bells/Heuchera

Sedum Groundcovers


Vinca Minor

Cactus (Christmas cactus and other thornless cacti)

Morning Glory: Heavenly Blue and Shadow Dance (Deep Purple and Bright White)

Angel Trumpets

Balsam Impatiens

Dianthus: Cheddars Pink, and Brilliant Red

Echinacea or Purple Coneflower

Rose of Sharon shrubs (5 year old plants)

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