Wednesday, December 24, 2014–It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over!

Primarily because of the weather today and Friday (We will be closed on Christmas Day, of course) we will be open today and at least on Friday when it is supposed to be sunny with temperatures in the 40s.  This will be longest time in the fall (actually winter) season than we had ever been open before.  What makes it really strange is that in mid November we were thinking we just might have to close for the season earlier than ever!  While it looks like we will have real winter weather overtake Magicland Farms starting next week, the real cold weather looks to be riddled with a thaw sometime in January.

We still have a good supply of crisp apples as well as sweet onions and red potatoes.  As we were most of November, we will be on self-serve today.

All of us at Magicland Farms hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and truly wish you a very, blessed Christmas.

Tom, Mark, Matt, Bernadette, Rebekah and Catherine

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