Magicland Farms, Monday, December 22, 2014–Also, the Earth has been getting closer to the sun for over 5 months now!

Right now it is raining–that’s right RAINING–thru much of Minnesota even some northern parts of that state!  Despite this there is still a fair chance of having a white Christmas here since it looks like our rain will turn to snow late on Christmas Eve.  While we will likely then have a couple of weeks of typical cold January weather, it seems like we will have an early January thaw starting in mid-January instead of the end of January which is more typical.  Those who have been calling for a severely cold winter should think of revising their forecast soon.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, tomorrow Tuesday December 23 will be the last day we will be open all day until next spring sometime.  Right now we plan on closing things up on Wednesday unless the weather looks too bad on Wednesday and then we will likely close up for the season tomorrow!  Right now we still have a good supply of a variety of nice crisp, naturally chilled apples as well as sweet onions and red potatoes.

Oh yes, that headline teaser…while the average distance from the earth to the sun is 93.24 million miles, on January 3 this distance is only 91.65 million miles.  On July 4 the distance increases to 94.82 million miles!

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