Because of the extended relatively mild temperatures (daytime highs above freezing) and mostly clear conditions, we will be reopening our market at 2PM today.  We also hope to open our market between 10AM and 5PM for the rest of the week thru Saturday.  However, it is best to check this blog before you come in case there is a change in this plan.

We still do have a good selection of not only apples but red potatoes and sweet onions..  Because of the cold weather we have brought all our apples that are in large (abut 22 bu capacity) apple boxes from the orchard.  We placed these boxes, which contain Jonagold, Mutsu/Crispin, Red Deligious, Empire, Jonathan and RedGold apples,  to the front of the stand and are selling these apples for $6 a half-bushel.  We have 1/2 bushel bags there for you to fill up.  Of course, you can mix and match them.  We have many more varieties of apples inside the stand with prices marked.   Since we are in and out of the stand during the day make sure you bring either change or your checkbook since much of the time we will be on self-serve.

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