Is my long, dark winter finally easing?

This winter was unbelievably hard on me and my family and I’m not even talking about the cold snowy weather…If you have been following my Facebook posts since early January you know what I am referring to…my beloved wife of 14 years Annemarie went to heaven.  She was taken to Holland Hospital  (she worked at Holland Hospital since December of 2010) on January 8, then was transferred to the U of M Hospital on January 20.  After about a week there she was finally diagnosed with HLH which is an extremely rare blood disease believed to be hereditary in origin. Annemarie went to heaven at the U of M Hospital on February 15.  I was fortunate to be with her when she left this material world.  As you may have known, Annemarie was my second wife.  My first wife Susan, and the mother of my children, went to heaven in July of 1999 after nearly 20 years of marriage.  In some respects, the loss of Annemarie has been even harder than the loss of Susan.  I met Annemarie about 3 months after Susan passed away and we married about 4 months later.  Annemarie helped me immensely with the passing of Susan.  She seemed intent on getting me thru that long mourning process and thru her intense love and patience she succeeded.  Thank you Annemarie!

Recently, I have become friends with a kind woman, Diane, who wants to help me get thru Annemarie’s passing.  Like Susan and Annemarie, she seems to be sent by Almighty God to help me. We both believe that. Diane wants me to talk with her about Annemarie (and Susan) and how much I loved and miss them.  When I mentioned that our peach crop looks excellent — the best in many, many years, even after such a bitter cold winter, she told me “You know I think Anne (I called Annemarie Anne all the time and Diane has picked that up from me) has something to do with that peach crop.”  I agree with her…

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